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Electric scooters have seen a huge increase in popularity for urban mobility. Students, commuters, and sightseers all sometimes use these to enjoy the convenience of getting around the city quickly without having to worry about car traffic.

However, these scooters have seen their fair share of reported injuries. New York actually banned using them for a long time before finally legalizing their usage in April 2020.

These e-scooters are convenient and great for getting around but they are not the safest things to use in crowded city streets. If you have been injured riding one or been injured by one, there are steps you can take legally to get compensated for your injuries.

What Are E-Scooters?

Electric scooters are essentially scooters with a motor on them so you do not have to constantly push them along using your legs.

They are usually powered by rechargeable batteries and some have an average speed of around 15 MPH. Some can achieve much higher speeds than this though despite their relatively small size.

They usually will stay usable for around 2-4 years or for 3,000 – 5,000 miles. How long they last per ride will depend on the quality of the battery and its tires will play a big role in how it brakes and handles.

How E-Scooters Work?

E-scooters are available on the market today but there are many cities that will let you rent them to ride around the city with. Renting e-scooters is especially popular in foreign countries and the idea originated in China.

How To Rent An E- Scooter:

  • Download the app associated with the e-scooter
  • Create a username and password for the app
  • Add credit/debit card information
  • The app will show you where the nearest available e-scooter is
  • Tap a button to claim that scooter
  • When you’re finished leave the scooter wherever you want. The company will typically track them with GPS so they can take them in for charging or maintenance when necessary.

Most e-scooter companies will charge you a low price per minute for renting a scooter that adds up if you plan to use them all day. It has grown a lot in popularity as a business and some people have been making a solid amount of money through these apps.

Some laws and regulations may vary but many scooter companies and cities will require you to have a valid driver’s license to operate these and wear a helmet while riding them. Of course, it is difficult to enforce these rules as most companies rent these scooters through an app rather than in person.

The Controversies Behind E-Scooters

E-scooter companies will almost never coordinate with the local government before launching their business. This creates the problem of a wave of scooter traffic on the road that the city had no idea was coming

An investigation showed that there have been around 1,545 e-scooter accidents between late 2017 to early 2019 in the U.S. These accidents can be very dangerous and have caused serious injury to scooter users, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Again, it is difficult to enforce good road behavior from e-scooter users because it is very easy to rent them and most riders do not even bother reading the rules and safety regulations when renting them.

Also, riders can leave their scooters anywhere once they’ve finished riding them. This has led to people leaving scooters that are blocking business entrances and busy sidewalks. Some city residents believe they are a public nuisance and do much more harm than good.

Some Risks Surrounding E-Scooters

  • Lack of visibility
  • Dangerous roadway debris
  • Scooters require balance
  • Inexperienced riders can easily hurt themselves or others
  • Reckless behavior is hard to enforce
  • Some will ride under the influence

Types Of Injuries E-Scooter Riders Can Suffer From In An Accident

Unfortunately, there are some very serious injuries that can occur when riding an e-scooter that can cause permanent damage or even be fatal. Let’s list off some of the injuries that could happen when operating an e-scooter.

List of Possible E-Scooter Injuries

  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Bone Fractures
  • Internal injuries

These are, of course, not all of the injuries you could suffer from an e-scooter accident and it is important to keep in mind that you are following all the safety guidelines while riding. If there is a case of personal injury, you will be in a tough spot for compensation if you weren’t following the safety rules.

What To Do If You Are Injured I AN E-Scooter Accident

First, you should call 911 and seek medical attention if you have the ability to do so. Contact the police as well if you believe you’ve suffered serious injuries or there was any property damage in the accident as well.

If there was another person involved in the accident or if you were struck by an e-scooterist, be sure to get their contact information and driver’s license. If a vehicle was involved, ensure you also get the driver’s insurance information.

Also, if possible, take pictures of the scene and gather as much evidence as you can for later on. This will help your case if the situation needs to be resolved in court.

Be sure to also save any medical documents or any other paperwork that you received because of the accident and contact a personal injury lawyer to get you the compensation you deserve.

Contact Trusted Lawyers For Scooter Injuries

E-scooter accidents can be difficult to manage because of how much of a growing industry it is but it is absolutely possible to receive compensation for an injury received in a scooter accident.

Legal organizations like Law Leaders are ready to help out scooter accident victims with dedicated and knowledgeable lawyers that can help you get the justice you deserve. Law Leaders has a solid network of licensed attorneys and is committed to providing the support and service that injured Americans need to help them pay for their medical expenses from scooter injuries.

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