Law Leaders is an exclusive, peer-based legal community comprised of the most extraordinary lawyers in the United States. At Law Leaders, our mission is to help identify, connect, advance, and promote the nation’s top lawyers both within the legal community and with consumers who want the best legal representation possible. LEARN MORE

Law Leaders member attorneys handle cases based on the state where they are licensed to practice and operate as a member. When you contact Law Leaders by phone, webform, chat, or text, you will be connected with the member attorney in your area. You can also search for a local attorney as well on our website

FOR THE INJURED: Recognizing that it is difficult for a seriously injured person or loved ones to travel to an attorney’s office, a Law Leaders lawyer will make every attempt to visit you at your home or at the hospital within 24 hours after you make the call to Law Leaders and we initially determine you may have a case where we can help you.

ALL OTHER CASE TYPES: Please contact a Law Leaders member to arrange for a meeting with them either virtually, at their office, or at a location mutually agreed to.

FOR THE INJURED: There is NO COST to contact Law Leaders to review your case. If you decide to use one of our member attorneys to handle your case, there will be a NO-FEE Guarantee (NO Recovery – NO Fee) unless they successfully win your case.

ALL OTHER CASE TYPES: Please contact the member to determine their fees and billing options. Some may offer free initial consultations as well.

Most people today are not able to easily identify the most experienced and trusted lawyers, so we created Law Leaders, a nationally-recognized brand and service to help people more easily identify and retain the top lawyers in their communities and help them receive the highest levels of services and outcomes for their legal needs.

Law Leaders only selects member lawyers based on a high degree of vetting and qualifications so we can help provide injured people and their loved ones with the confidence in knowing that they will receive the highest levels of service, support, and outcomes. LEARN MORE

Each year Law Leaders selects members based on our unique, peer-based and multi-faceted selection process. The goal of our unique selection process is to help identify the top 10% of attorneys currently practicing in the United States by state and practice area so consumers in need of top legal representation can more confidently seek out and find the best in our membership. LEARN MORE

Got Questions? Leave a Message and Get Qualified Help

Got Questions? Leave a Message and Get Qualified Help

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