In order for attorneys to successfully stand out and compete for quality clients and cases in today’s hyper-competitive legal landscape, they need to excel in building their practice in three critical areas of success: Branding, Networking, and Business Development.


One of the biggest struggles many attorneys face today is how to generate enough quality new clients and cases allowing them to be more selective, generate greater revenue and income, maximize the value of their time, and increase overall firm revenues. As marketing and advertising continues to become more complex, expensive, and challenging, a growing number of attorneys are looking for new and better ways to become more visible, stand-out, and increase conversions while reducing overall client acquisition costs. That is where Law Leaders can help by providing our members with…

  • Both free and featured attorney directory listings on LawLeaders.com for consumers attorneys to easily search, find, and contact member firms when looking for an attorney. Our directory listings are strategically optimized for maximum search exposure and visibility around the most commonly searched practice areas and named searches by attorney with features listings that allow select attorneys to appear at the top of the search results. Both free and featured attorney profiles will appear in our directory under their respective practice area/s and location with the order of results initially displayed based on the type of profile preferred by each attorney along with their ratings and reviews. LEARN MORE
  • Options for members to receive exclusive real-time cases and client inquiries from Law Leaders websites, advertising, and marketing efforts. Our unique and industry-leading new client/case lead generation process allows members to indicate what types and quantity of new clients and case contacts they wish to receive each month that are exclusively generated through Law Leaders marketing efforts. Unlike traditional lead generation companies, we do not use shady and misleading ads, multi-sourcing forms and distribution, delays in connecting, and poor results. Instead, our leads are exclusively generated from our own marketing and advertising under the Law Leaders name, are exclusively distributed, and initially qualified and transferred real-time to members from our own 24/7/365 call center. All members need to do is answer the phone and we take care of the rest! Our comprehensive Law Leaders marketing campaigns are run by the best and most experienced legal marketing and SEO experts in the industry. LEARN MORE
  • Access to monthly marketing best practices and mastermind seminars with many of the top legal marketing minds and SEO experts in the industry. Unlike other legal marketing providers who only show and sell their own services, we strategically vet and select the top marketing minds in the industry (both internal and external) to present to and update our members with the most advanced and cutting-edge legal marketing information and resources on the market today.


Referrals have always been the lifeblood of growing practices and one of the most important aspects of a successful law practice is building a strong network with fellow attorneys and other referral sources.

As a member of Law Leaders, we help great attorneys by provided them with access to advanced network building capabilities with the goal of expanding their networks, building bigger, stronger, and better connections, and diversifying their new client and case sources. This includes:

  • Mastermind group access and participation with fellow peers and experts across the nation. Group meetings are elective and can take place both virtually and in-person.
  • Referral management capabilities that allow members to send and receive referrals to other members consistent with ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct 7.2(b).


Most people today are not able to easily identify and connect with the most experienced and trusted lawyers when they have a legal need. That is why we created Law Leaders, a nationally recognized brand, community, and service to help support and connect the top attorneys with people who require the best legal services.

Our vision is to become the most trusted community people turn to when they need the best legal support. To do this, our purpose is to help people more easily identify and access the best legal services by connecting them with the best lawyers in America.


One of the biggest challenges now confronting consumers is the overload of messages and advertisements that for the average person has grown from 500 Ads per day in 1970 to upwards of 10,000 Ads today. This information overload along with constant mobility is now stressing out consumers, making our attention spans shorter, and making it hard to “stand out” from competition. In short, the old adage “what got you here” over the past few decades alone will not get you there when dealing with today’s consumers. That is where we can help…p>

Successful Brand building is all about getting consumers to KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST you. As a Law Leaders member, consumers and attorneys will better know you are a top lawyer through your designation and association leading them to better trust working with you. Your designation can also help others to better like you through easily accessible peer and consumer sentiments about your work and results.

At Law Leaders, we help great attorneys “stand-out” from the competition starting with industry-leading brand building. This includes:

  • Designating the top 10% of attorneys by practice area and market each year as “Law Leaders Members” – a designation you can then use in association with your own practice so consumers can more easily identify and distinguish you as one of the top attorneys in your market.
  • Providing member attorneys with free personal membership profile pages on LawLeaders.com that they can update, upgrade, and promote in their marketing and advertising. These personal membership profiles are optimized to show-up in online searches when people look you up by name or practice area – allowing you to better stand-out and distinguish yourself with consumers and other attorneys. LEARN MORE
  • Options to place your designation on decorative awards and digital assets to impress visitors to your office and/or web-based properties. LEARN MORE

Custom and advanced marketing and advertising services operated by our own dedicated marketing and SEO experts based on the needs to each member attorney. These services commonly include:

  • Advanced digital Paid-Adverting (PPC) campaigns
  • Outdoor / billboard creative, buying, and fulfillment
  • TV and video production and marketing
  • Social media advertising
  • Advanced SEO services: Google My Business (GMB) optimization, …
  • Conversions management and optimization services
  • Local affinity and referral marketing generation
  • And much more…