Attorney Member Profile Overview

Each selected member of Law Leaders receives a FREE attorney profile page on These FREE profile pages are built and optimized for search, display in the Law Leaders directory for the designated practice area, allow members to easily update and maintain, and provide them with a personalized professional web presence that follows them everywhere no matter what firm they are currently with.

Once a new member is selected, we provide them with access to their new profile page on They can then access and update their pages by either:

  • Clicking on the “claim listing” link in the membership announcement emails they receive from us.
  • Or they can go to, find their profile in the attorney search section of the site, and select the “Claim Listing” link at the bottom of the profile to claim and request access to their member profile page.

Basic profiles allow members to update all their profile information and are displayed in the practice area category of the Law Leaders directory they were selected for. They can also be found in search by looking for their name in search engines and other online sources. Although you can still update all your profile details, basic profiles only display a limited amount of attorney information. For those members who want to display all their profile details and increase their SEO and visibility, we offer a paid Premier Profile listing upgrade. Some of the major features provided by basic profiles include:

  • Ability to claim, access, and update your listing
  • Displays in the Law leaders directory for your designated (1) practice area
  • Can displays important contact information including your: name, address, firm name, primary practice area, Law School, Licensing date, cost/fees, reviews, and if you offer a free initial consultation
  • Add detailed profile / details about yourself and your background
  • Ability to download FREE membership badges, nominate new members, buy awards and plaques, join regular best practices calls and mastermind groups, provide reviews, send and receive referrals, and mush more.
Attorney Member Profile Overview

Premier profiles allow members who want to display all their profile details, increase their SEO and visibility of their page online and in the Law Leaders directory for multiple practice areas to upgrade their profile status for a low monthly fee. The following chart provides an overview of the options provided with each profile. Some of the additional features provided by Premier Profiles include:

  • Ability to designate up to 5 additional practice areas / sub-practice areas and display in the Law Leaders directories for those designations and display ahead of the basic listings displayed.
  • Display additional personal information including: personal pictures, phone numbers, text numbers, fax numbers, email address, website links (up to 10), social media links, embedded videos (up to 5), maps directions, additional awards and certificates, additional web properly links, and preferred cases types.
  • Option to buy exclusive contact leads by primary practice area.

Featured Premier profiles includes all features of a Premier Profile and allows the profile to appear at the top of directory search results by assigned practice area/s (5 total)

Attorney Member Profile Overview | Law Leader