Member Selection Process

Each year Law Leaders selects members based on our unique, peer-based and multi-faceted selection process. The goal of our unique selection process is to help identify the top 10% of attorneys currently practicing in the United States by state and practice area so consumers in need of top legal representation can more confidently seek out and find the best in our membership.

How We Select Members

Each year we conduct an ongoing selection process of attorneys in all 50 states and all major consumer-facing practice areas. Our unique AI-Powered process is based on a combination of discovery, research, weighted algorithms, peer nomination and reviews, status, awards, certifications, memberships, interviews, and much more. Criteria for selection are weighted and include all the following criteria:

  • Peer Nominations & Recommendations
  • Industry Awards, Recognition, and Achievements
  • Experience & Certifications
  • Verdict & Settlement History
  • Bar Association Status
  • Work History & Positions Held
  • And much more…

Once initial selected members are identified in each state, we continue to encourage them to nominate/renominate other members for consideration and review throughout the year.

Lookup Nominated Members Nationwide

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What Selected Members Receive / Benefits

Newly selected members receive a FREE basic attorney profile on that they can then claim, update, and even upgrade. They can also download free membership designation badges, purchase personalized awards and plaques, nominate exiting and new members, get listed in our member directory, access member best practices and mastermind meetings, send and receive referrals, and much more.

How We Are Different

There are no costs or frees to become a selected member of Law Leaders. We strive to identify exceptional attorneys and reserve the right to disqualify and remove any member for any reason including disciplinary / legal actions as well as any gaming, payments, or kickbacks received in the nomination process. At Law leaders, our mission is to help identify, connect, advance, and promote the nation’s top lawyers both within the legal community and with consumers who want the best legal representation possible.