Our Exclusive Client Connect Service

Receive Exclusive New Client Calls & Cases

How We Provide Live Transfer Client Calls To Members

Our unique and exclusive “Client Connect” Live Transfer service allows members to determine how many new client calls/leads they want to receive by practice area and location and we do all the rest. Our Exclusive AI-Powered Law Leaders ads run both local and nation-wide with clients calling 1-800-LAW-LEADERS to speak with a member attorney for free. Intake is then handled by our 24/7/365 contact center who answers the calls, classifies callers by primary practice area and location, and then “live transfer” the prospective clients via phone to our members for intake and conversion.

During the handoff, the caller’s primary contact and case information is gathered and transferred real-time to the member. If the designated member is not able to answer the live call transfer, we attempt to gather additional information from the caller and then transfer that data real-time to the designated member for follow-up. If members are not happy with the service, they can cancel with 30 days written notice at any time. The only requirements for the service are you must be a member attorney and provide free initial consultations.

Client connect practice area categories currently include:

  • Personal Injury | Workers Comp | Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Criminal Defense | DUI/DWI | Traffic Violations
  • Family Law / Divorce | Estate Planning | IP | Immigration 
  • Bankruptcy | Employment Law | Civil Litigation 
  • Business / Contracts Law | | Tax | Bad Faith Insurance
  • Real Estate | Landlord / Tenant | Disability SSDI

How To Get Started

Our exclusive Client Connect service can be requested by any Law Leaders member. Here is how the process works:

  • CLICK HERE to signup. Costs start at only $29.95/mo. and includes both setup in our live-transfer service and a Premier Attorney Profile in our member directory. CLICK HERE to see all your options.
  • WANT HIGHER CALL VOLUME? You can also add OPTIONAL Local Market Boost spending to increase your targeted ads in your market and expect call volume at a level of spend you are comfortable with.
  • If you are not happy with the service you can cancel at anytime with a 30-day advance written notice.

Examples of our Ads Running Both Nationally and Locally In Your Market

How Our Live Transfer Client Connect Service Is Different

If you have ever bought “traditional” legal marketing leads in the past, you know how bad they can be and why many attorneys will never buy them again. Traditional legal marketing leads often come from single-source, dubious and misleading advertising, involve lead forms to capture information, are provided to attorneys after lengthy delays, and typically result in poor conversation rates and marketing ROI. That is why we created something entirely different at Law Leaders.

Our unique Client Connect service provide a new means of new lead / client / case generation by creating clear and singular call-to-actions in all of our properties and advertising so prospective clients know the source of the marketing and that they will be connected real-time with one of our members for free. Depending on the markets, our advertising is often multi-channel using scaled content and proven marketing models. This allows us to produce award-winning content and ads at a fraction of the costs of local firms.

Our call to action on our website and marketing to prospective clients is simple and direct: “Speak to a top rated  lawyer for FREE now.” No gimmicks, no false advertising, and no delays. Because of this requirement, only members who provide free initial consultations are eligible for this service.

Law Leaders Client Connect Service Funnel

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

The minimum spend to signup for the Client connect service is $29.95/mo (also includes one premier attorney profile). For members who wish to spend more on the service to receive more calls and leads, they can select additional units to get to the monthly budget you want to spend on Targeted Local Boost advertising. Each Unit costs $50/mo. and you can buy up to 800 total units. The more units you buy, the more local boost ads are placed in your market and the greater percentage of new calls / leads you will typically receive. The more new calls/clients you want to receive > the more units you should buyTypical units bought by practice area range from:
– Personal Injury: 10-250 units
– Criminal Defense/DUI: 8-50 units
– Family Law/Divorce/Bankruptcy/Employment/Business: 3-50 Units

The Client Connect service is commonly offered to more than one member for each practice area and market. This means that more than one attorney by practice area can sign up and still receive receive leads in the same market. The total number of calls/leads received is proportionate to the total monthly marketing spend by attorney. For example, if attorney A is spending $250/mo. (25% of the total spend) and attorney B is spending $750/mo. (75% of the total spend) for family law leads in the same market, then our systems will randomly assign 1 out of every 4 leads to attorney A (25%) and 3 out of 4 leads to attorney B (75%). The assignments happen through our system and not our operators so there is no preference given to any one member based on the quality of the lead.

The amount of calls/leads commonly received by member is proportionate the the level of spend (i.e. total number of units selected). The minimum spend for the service, which includes a premier attorney profile, is $29.95/mo. and only includes leads received from our ongoing national advertising campaigns. As a result, a large number of our members want us to also more heavily target our ads in their local market and practice area to generate more calls. Most attorneys know what their average Client Acquisition Cost (CAC) is and to help determine their desired level of spend will start by determining the total number of new clients desired and how much they need to spend monthly to get to that objective.

For example, if you are a Personal Injury attorney and know your average new Client Acquisition Cost is $3K and you want an average of 5 new clients per month, then your monthly budget should be set at around $15K (or 300 units). At this point, you would need to order 300 units on the NEW ORDER PAGE and selecting “300” units from the drop-down selection at the top of the order page. The goal is to help drive a lower CAC over time so our ultimate goal is to help generate even better results over time with the service.

Yes – Our Client Connect service can be bought exclusively by market (DMA) and practice area for select buyers. Due to the increase in budgets, marketing mix, and negotiated buys we must make with our marketing channel providers in advance, exclusive market buys typically require at least a 1 year commitment by the member at an agreed upon monthly spend rate provided by Law Leaders based on your desired outcomes within that market.

If we determine that your overall budget is not enough to substantiate making the practice area market exclusive, we will encourage the member to buy a non-exclusive market buy instead. We also reserve the right to refuse making a market exclusive if we have pre-existing members who are already signed up for the Client Connect service in that same practice area and market.

Law Leaders runs ongoing national advertising nation-wide. For those attorney who want added calls, our local boost options will budget ads runs in each market proportionate to the level of monthly subscribers and spend by practice area – the more subscribers and monthly total ad spend, the more Law Leaders ads will run in the market.

Although each market is unique, we typically run ads in each market based on the following order of priority:

  1. Digital (Search, Video, SEO, Content, etc.)
  2. Outdoor (Billboards, Print, etc.)
  3.  TV / Radio
  4.  Ground Game (Local advertising, events, sponsorships, etc.)

The order of priority means that once we hit a certain level of performance in each segment, we start buying in the following segments, and so forth until we reach total market saturation. Some markets perform better with TV/Radio over Outdoor and visa versa so we make that call in each market once we surpass optimal returns from digital first.