Contact Leads

Exclusive Member Marketing Services

At law leaders, we know that certain members need more and better clients/cases but often struggle in generating them on their own. Thais happens because they simply lack strong brand recognition in market, or they lack the skills, resources and/or expertise to effectively generate new clients and cases in today’s highly competitive environment. That is why we created our exclusive contact leads service.

Our unique contact lead service is managed daily by our team of many of the top legal marketing specialists in the industry. They know how to generate high quality contacts and leads and through their experience and expertise are able to scale and buy in volume that most local firms simply cannot resulting in better results at lower costs for our members.

How Contact Leads Are Different

If you have ever bought “traditional” legal marketing leads in the past, you know how bad they can be and why many attorneys will never buy them again. Traditional legal marketing leads often come from single-source, dubious and misleading advertising, involve lead forms to capture information, are provided to attorneys after lengthy delays, and typically result in poor conversation rates and marketing ROI. That is why we created something entirely different at Law Leaders.

Contact leads provide a new means of new lead / client / case generation by creating clear and singular call-to-actions in all of our properties and advertising so prospective clients know the source of the marketing and that they will be connected real-time with one of our members for free. Depending on the markets, our advertising is often multi-channel using scaled content and proven marketing models. This allows us to produce award-winning content and ads at a fraction of the costs of local firms.

Our call to action on our website and marketing to prospective clients is simple and direct: “Would you like to speak to a lawyer for FREE.” No gimmicks, no false advertising, and no delays. Because of this requirement, only members who provide free initial consultations are eligible for this service.

Contact Leads Hierarchy

How We Provide Contact Leads To Members

Our unique Contact Leads service allows members to determine how many leads they want to receive by practice area and location and we do all the rest. Intake is then handled by our 24/7/365 contact center who answers all inquiries real-time and then distributes calls to our designated members based on our random routing system and parameters provided by each member.

Once our contact center receives a new client / cases inquiry we are able to classify them by primary practice area and location and then “hot-transfer” the contacts via phone to our members for intake and conversion. During the handoff, the caller’s primary contact information is gathered and transferred real-time to the member during the hot-transfer process. If the designated member is not able to answer the live call transfer, we attempt to gather additional information from the caller and then transfer that data real-time to the designated member for follow-up.

At the end of each month, we then track how many contact leads were provided to each member by either hot-transfer and/or by real-time lead intake form (if call is not answered) and the member is then billed by credit card for the total amount of leads provided at the pre-determined rate. If members are not happy with the service, they can cancel with 30 days written notice at any time.

Contact Leads practice area categories currently include:

  • Personal Injury
  • Criminal Defense
  • Family Law / Divorce
  • Bankruptcy
  • Employment Law
  • Business / Contracts Law

How To Get Started

Contact leads can be requested by any Law Leaders member with a Premier Profile. Here is how the process works:

  • You must be able to provide free initial consultations when new prospective clients at transferred to you.
  • You will indicate to us what types and how new many clients and cases you ideally want and within which geographic market (DMA) you want the contacts to come from.
  • We will provide you with an cost estimate per contact (Lead) and you will only be billed for the total number of leads received after each month. We will start with a pre-defined budget and you will only be charged for the leads received each month.
  • If you are not happy with the service you can cancel at anytime with a 30-day advance written notice.