Each member of Law Leaders receives a FREE profile in the Law Leaders member directory located at To confirm you are a designated member, search for your name in our directory. Once you have located your profile, your next steps are to CLAIM, UPDATE, and UGRADE (Optional) your profile to premier status. Here are the steps to get started:


Go to our directory home page at and type in your name and location and select the yellow “SEARCH” button to find your listing (see example below for William Smith in Arizona). 

Once you see your listing, simply click on your name to access your profile. 

Once you access your profile for the first time, you will notice that most of your details will need to be added and/or updated to your profile. In order to get started, click on the “CLAIM LISTING” button below your empty image box on the right. 

At this point, if you are new to this process, you will need to register in the system for the first time. If you have previously registered, you can login again or if you are already authenticated from your previous login (i.e. you should see a “DASHBOARD” link at the top of the home page, the system will skip this step for you and take you to the next screen. 

Once you are authenticated in our system, you will then need to SELECT YOUR PLAN to claim and update your profile listing. The Basic plan is FREE or you can upgrade to a PREMIER (see grid below comparing the two options). 

After you have confirmed your selected “ADD TO CART” on the next screen, you will see your shopping cart page with your totals of what you have selected (BASIC listings are FREE). If you have any coupon codes, you will enter them here as well. Next click on the red “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” at the bottom. 

On the checkout page, enter your billing details (even if you are claiming a FREE listing – which will show a $0 amount) and click the ‘PLACE ORDER” button at the bottom. 

Once you have submitted your order, you will be sent to a “Checkout” page with your order details. Your listing will now be pending confirmation. At this point, you can now click on the ‘DASHBOARD” link at the top of the website to track your order progress and make further changes to your account. 

When you access your dashboard display screen, you can then see your orders and account details options on the left. In this case, you have one “CLAIMS” you have submitted for review. Simply click on the ‘CLAIMS” button and you will see your claimed listing with a STATUS of “Pending” in yellow. Once you claim is reviewed and approved, the status will appear as a green “Published” button instead. IMPORTANT: you will not be able to edit and update your listing until your request has been manually reviewed and the status of your claim has been updated to “Published.” Once we approve your claim, you will receive and email with instructions of how to proceed. If you have attempted to claim a listing that we cannot confirm should be assigned to you, your claim will be denied and order cancelled. 

Once your claim has been approved and your status is updated to “Published,” you can now edit and update your profile by clicking on the gear drop-down to the right of your listing and selecting “EDIT.” NOTE: if you ever want to upgrade your profile from Basic to a Premier, you can select that option at the bottom of that same gear drop-down menu. 

Once you access your profile dashboard, you can now update and add all your information and once completed, click on the “SAVE CHANGES” button at the bottom to publish to your profile listing which should update within seconds (you may need to refresh your screen when viewing on the directory).