At Law Leaders, we know that new clients and cases referred by individuals and professionals are commonly better and more qualified. Because of this, we have developed a unique system that now allows people to refer new clients and cases to Law Leaders and get paid in the process! We accept referrals in all the major areas of law.

The process is simple. Once you are aware of someone in need of legal services:

  • You can CLICK HERE and submit their referral information to Law Leaders

Once your case is received, your referral will be contacted by a Law Leaders member attorney and if signed, you get paid! And the best part, especially for professionals that frequently treat other people, there is no limit to the number of referrals you can submit. And if your profession won’t allow you to receive payment for referrals, you can still submit them and select the option not to get paid.


The amount you can receive for your referral is based on 5 primary factors:

  • Were you the FIRST person to submit this case to Law Leaders?
  • Is it a case that a Law Leaders member lawyer will accept and work?
  • What is the nature of the case (i.e. Injury, DUI, Divorce, Estate Planning, Tickets, Employment, Contracts, Immigration, Taxes, etc.)?
  • What is the initial perceived value of the case to a lawyer?
  • Where is the case located (City, State, etc.)?

Once these 5 factors are considered and a new client/case is signed by a Law Leaders attorney, we will then determine the value of the referral and you will get paid that amount – either by gift card, check or money transfer (we will contact you at that point with payment options). Typical referral fees can range from $10 (for low value cases) to over $250 (for the highest value cases).

NOTE: Based on US tax laws, referral payments received by you in excess of $600 in a calendar year will require disclosure and filing with the IRS for tax purposes. If you exceed this amount during the calendar year, we will inform you prior to your next referral payment being made. We are currently only able to pay referral fees to leads received from sources within the state of Arizona. We can still receive leads from all 50 states but only leads from Arizona we are able to pay when requested.

Simply fill out this form to submit your lead and join our referral program!