Are you a law firm in need of finding newer and innovative ways to generate better cases while reducing your time at work? In this November Law Leaders Masterminds meeting, legal industry marketing veterans Dustin Ruge and Scott Shockney discuss the impacts Artificial Intelligence (Ai) is having on legal marketing and the actions lawyers can now take to stay ahead of their competition and build a better, more profitable, and more productive law practice through the use of Ai in their legal marketing.

Questions & topics that are addressed in this meeting include:

  • What is artificial intelligence (Ai) and it’s impacts on the practice of law?
  • How will legal marketing change with the use of Ai?
  • What are the three stages and the evolution of Ai?
  • What are the impacts of ChatBots on the practice of law?
  • How to create and optimize Ai generated content using advanced SEO practices?
  • How can I use Ai enabled customer targeting and predictive marketing?
  • How can I create and optimized Ai generated video content?
  • How can I use advanced voice search optimization?
  • How will Visual Recognition Technology impact legal marketing?
  • How can I use Ai for feedback analysis?
  • What is Natural Language Generation (NLG) and how to use it for voice search optimization?
  • How to use schema markup, featured snippets, advanced Ai Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Conversational Interfaces be used to maximize voice search results?
  • What are the impacts Ai is having on Predictive Analytics?
  • How will skills-based hiring and training be impacted by Ai?
  • and much more…


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