Could AI help solve traffic congestion and reduce traffic accidents?

Waymo Traffic Accidents

Could AI help solve traffic congestion? According to recent reports, it may be closer than we think. Traditionally traffic lights have been pre-programmed to run on schedules and sensors. But what if the cars themselves were able to provide a detailed flow of traffic to help the traffic lights adjust for optimal traffic flow?

We are already seeing AI powered systems that use imagery to help control inventories and even help prevent accidents. But what if traffic-plagued cities like Chicago, NYC, Boston, Philly, LA and the like were now able to “see” traffic flow from a proverbial 10K foot level and adjust their traffic flows to reduce congestion and reduce auto accidents?

This might seem far-fetched to many now but hang around Phoenix for a few days and watch the seemingly countless number of Waymo cars providing over 10K rides each day and if AI can manage traffic, it can manage traffic lights as well.

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