Law Leaders Nomination Form


Each year Law Leaders selects members based on our unique, peer-based and multi-faceted selection process. The goal of our unique selection process is to help identify the top 10% of attorneys currently practicing in the United States by state and practice area so consumers in need of top legal representation can more confidently seek out and find the best in our membership.

How We Nominate Members

Each year we conduct an ongoing selection process of attorneys in all 50 states and all major consumer-facing practice areas. To begin the process for new and existing members, we encourage active members to nominate one or more attorneys who they know and would recommend as a member to Law Leaders. As a member, you can nominate both existing and new members. If you nominee is selected as a member, they will be notified during our next notification period. LEARN MORE

How To Nominate an Attorney Today

To be considered as a member of Law Leaders, attorney MUST first be nominated by current member attorneys to begin our review and selection process. Please complete the form below to start this review process:

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