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I have nearly 40 years of experiences on gas, liquid and dust fire and explosion litigation, incident investigation, hazard and risk assessment, building/fire code review/analysis, training, research and fire/explosion testing. My work is based on solid foundations, including 1) research on fire and explosions, including a PhD on gas explosions; 2) licensed Professional Fire Protection Engineer (PE); 3) holding the certificate of the Certified Safety Professional (CSP)); 4) serving as the Principal Members (Special Expert) of the Technical Committees of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) (NFPA 484 and NFPA 30B); 5) having built up expertise on cause and origin of fire and explosions, ignition sources (static sparks, self-heating and spontaneous combustion, mechanical etc.) through incident investigations and laboratory and onsite measurements/tests/studies. I have been retained as expert witnesses in many major fire and explosion and home explosion cases, including imperial sugar dust explosion, Kleen Energy Gas Explosion, RM Palmer Gas Explosion, West Pharmaceutical Dust Explosion, John Foundry Explosion, and other cases such as vacuum truck gas explosion, oil well fire, industrial dryer fires, flash fire in use of aerosol products, hydrogen gas explosion in engine parts plant, flammable liquid fires and dust explosions/flash fires in many industrial facilities.


I have provided services to companies in various industries, DOE facility and DOD/military facilities including chemical, petroleum oil and gas, petroleum refinery, petrochemical, gas, 3D printing/additive manufacturing, metal powder, power plant, coal facility in cement plant, coal mine, coal important/export port facilities, fuel ethanol, gas service stations (high ethanol content gasolines), pharmaceutical (API, formulation & dermal patch), food, nutritional (infant formula), dairy powder/protein, powdered fats, coffee, coffee mate, sugar refinery, powdered sugar, bakery, grain, vitamins, chewing gum, crop protection (herbicide & pesticide), animal feed additives, adhesives, printing ink, newspaper ink, toner, toner cartridge recycling, environmental (chemical disposal), gel-coat, composite, metallurgical, energetic metal powder/oxide powder mix, metal recycling, cosmetic, powder manufacturing, powder coating, organo-clay, paint.


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